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Our dedicated team provides personalised copyright services, ensuring precise copyright registration and adeptly handling disputes, samples, and infringements.

Worldwide Collections

Proficiency in collecting revenue from diverse publishing income streams globally, including streaming, digital downloads, mechanical royalties on physical sales, public performances, live events, and broadcasting.

London based studios

We are proudly partnered with The Halley providing studios that are ideal for mastering, writing, and various creative projects.


Our creative team works across all moving media, regularly placing Featherstone music in adverts, games, films and your favourite TV shows, from Apple to Coca-Cola, Disney to the BBC, Paris Fashion Week to the Fortnite Festival.


Featherstone writers and composers have created unique soundbeds and original tracks placed in ads for some of the biggest global brands from tech to pet food.

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If you’re an artist, agent, music supervisor or label and you want talk to us about collaborating, see how to get in touch.

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