Unknown Brain

Over the past few years mysterious German duo Unknown Brain has risen through the ranks to become the shadowy Kings of the NCS empire. With gargantuan YouTube viewing figures that dwarf those of their peers and Spotify streaming numbers, Unknown Brain are the Future Bass heroes you’ve heard but probably don’t know…

Hiding behind the anonymity of their trademark masks, the pair prefer to dwell in the depths of their mammoth bassline constructs, locked away in a studio creating beautifully melodic worlds that rise up like shining edifices from their bottom line foundations. Indeed, just take a listen through their discography over the past four years and there is a definite sense of dimensional storytelling to their music, something that has proven popular not just with NCS and its immense network of content creators but also labels like Spinnin’ Records, Enter Records, Future Generation and Trap Nation. Whether crafting raucous trap bombs like their 2016 debut ‘Superhero’, ‘Control’ and ‘Matafaka’, anthemic trilogies like ‘War Game’, ‘War Zone’ and ‘War Dream’ or sumptuous Future Bass cuts like ‘Inspiration’, ‘Why Do I’ and ‘Perfect 10, the German act repeatedly strikes gold.

After three years of monthly releases, the Duo went radio-silent with their last track of the year 2019 ‚Say Goodbye‘. After 7 months of not releasing any music and leaving fans continuously asking ‚where have they gone?‘ Unknown Brain strike back with their new album ‚FACELESS‘. With a new branding, new sound and new mask, a true statement has been set: ‚The new Unknown Brain will be more than just a masked EDM producer!‘

With over 400k daily streams and monthly listeners topping the 2 million mark, Unknown Brain are poised to break through into the mainstream strata of electronic music. What happens to take them there, which single will raise their profile to the next level remains to be seen. One thing that is entirely certain, is that is only now a matter of time...

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