Portugal-born, France-raised, US-based, Egzod has garnered over 300 million streams across platforms since 2017. Egzod [deriving from the French word “Exodus”], embodies a captivating story of a collective departure of humanity through a portal to a world that harmoniously blends technology and nature.

With a profound desire to empower and unify people through his music, Egzod creates a boundary-breaking soundscape that seamlessly merges sounds from diverse cultures worldwide. His sonic productions are imbued with a spiritual aura and thought-provoking motifs, serving as a testament to his dedication to elevating his art beyond mere entertainment. The concept of a portal to a new world serves as a profound metaphor for Egzod’s vision. It invites listeners to journey beyond their known reality, to venture into the realm of limitless possibilities and untapped potential. In essence, Egzod’s music becomes a conduit through which individuals can transcend their limitations, explore new horizons, and embark on a transformative journey towards higher state of consciousness and personal growth.

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