Alex Wright

Since the days of (2001), Alex has been experimenting in DIY cut-and-paste electronic tracks, extrapolating and juxtaposing sonic elements from hip-hop, extreme metal and industrial music of his native Nottingham's Earache Records, hardcore techno and ambient soundtracks.

As Lenkemz, Alex's more dancefloor orientated, world dance infused and often surreal club tracks have caused ripples in various global club cultures, from the UK underground to propelling Chicago Footwork, into the mainstream with accidental rave-bomb remix of Traxman’s ‘Blow yo sh*T’ in the 2010's, landing him in the playlists of all of the worlds top DJ's (including a slot on Katy Perrys gym playlist!), culminating in numerous DJ Spots on BBC Radio 1 and taking him all over Europe and Latin America as a performer and cementing active fanbases as far as Japan.

Alex's later experiments with a more vocal lead format has lead to tracks with Jason Williams (Sleaford Mods), Zebra Katz, Xavier Wulf and UK Grime favourite Snowy, as well as remixes for Henge, Shygirl and Anklepants.

His passion for pairing film with his sound design work has lead to him landing spots with Apple, Adidas, TFL and The Design Museum

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